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Royal Brunei - Boeing 767-300ER

Today we look at an aircraft that has worn some of the most colourful and classy paint schemes in the past 20 years and in fact visited Australian soil many, many times.

The Real Deal

This Boeing 767-300ER is almost 27 years old now and is still active today. It began life with it's first flight taking place on January 24, 1992 at Paine Field, Everett and was delivered to Royal Brunei in February 1992 with 23 business class seats and 182 economy seats.

V8-RBF flew to many destinations around the globe with photos of the plane appearing on from locations such as Hong Kong, London, Auckland, Perth, Sydney and Frankfurt.

In April of 1996, V8-RBF went on a short-term lease to Vietnam Airlines until January 1, 1998. The aircraft continued to wear the Royal Brunei colours but with Vietnam Airlines titles as shown in the picture below.

V8-RBF served with Royal Brunei for the next 13 years before it was returned to the leasing company that owns the aircraft (formerly Ansett Worldwide).

The next assignment for V8-RBF was to be repainted, have winglets fitted and be re-registered and to head to Ukraine for service with AeroSvit in one of the more colourful liveries of recent times.

Unfortunately AeroSvit encountered financial difficulties and UR-AAI was returned to AWAS on Feb 1, 2013 but it would remain Ukraine and eventually end up with Ukraine International Airlines as UR-GEB.

UR-GEB is still in service with Ukraine International Airlines and is almost 27 years old but is still working as hard as ever. UR-GEB is now configured with 12 business class seats, 38 premium economy and 211 economy seats.

The Collectors Item

Only two manufacturers have release Royal Brunei 767-300ERs in 1/400 scale, one being Dragon Wings, who have released V8-RBH in 2007 and 2008 with the 2008 edition coming with a small airport mat. The other manufacturer is Aeroclassics who have released two versions of V8-RBF, one with "The 20th Sea Games Brunei Darussalam". titles and the other in the standard livery.

V8-RBF as released by Aeroclassics (Photo: Lachie Hare)

I have the standard livery version, which was released in 2003 and I am lead to believe that the "The 20th Sea Games Brunei Darussalam" version, which was released in 2005, is quite rare and very expensive. Not one was found for sale on eBay at the time of writing but three standard livery versions with prices ranging from $35 Australian dollars right through to $190. The Diecast Aircraft Forum database has the average price for a standard livery model at about $50 AUD.

This is a gorgeous model and the livery is just so striking. I can't remember where I sourced my version from as it has been in my collection for quite some time.

The Royal Brunei 767-300ER is a wonderful model and the beautiful yellow livery will stand out in any collection.

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